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How To Generate Recurring Income By Helping People Save Money Off Their Prescriptions!

Our unique affiliate program gives you a simple, easy, automated way to generate recurring revenue while helping
people save money on their medical prescriptions.

Below you'll see why this is one of the most profitable affiliate programs developed in the industry.
The best part is, all you have to do is give people a FREE gift!
Here's everything you need to know.

Why people love our prescription Discount card (plus, how you'll make money)

Our RxGo is easy to use and saves people up to 87% on most prescriptions they're already paying full price for.
All they do is print our card, take it to the pharmacy, and save.

There are no memberships... no health restrictions... no forms to fill out... and no pre-approval necessary.
Plus they can use it immediately, and as much as they want.

This makes for a very easy sell, which is why our conversions are so high.

This discount card can be used by anybody, though of course it's more popular with older folks as they tend to have
more prescriptions and less disposable income available.

The process is simple.

People click on your link and get redirected to our website.


They read our page, hit a button, and print their own personal card in seconds.


They take this card to the pharmacy, with your affiliate link coded into it. Each time they use the card, you make money! Your code stays locked into the system, automatically.

In the past few years we've saved people over $10 million dollars!
Just a tiny slice of that pie can add enormous revenues to your bottom-line.

Make more money per click you send

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We've paid thousands of dollars to get our website created and constantly split-tested so you make the most earnings per click possible. Our EPC is outstanding, especially considering you'll continue making money month after month from referring the same customer!

The beauty comes from how easy it is to show people the benefits of the discount card. Our page was designed for maximum conversions so you receive the highest earnings possible. We've also added several strategies to get people not just to download the card, but to print it and use it over and over again. All of these mean higher commissions for you with less effort, and less selling.

Tiered more-than-generous payouts (for life)

Our affiliate payment structure makes you more money, with more recurring income that continues to grow and expand over time. We've set it up to reward you for working hard.

Here is the current payout structure.
Uses $ per use
0 - 100 $1.00
101 - 500 $1.25
501+ $1.50

A "use" is each time a person uses their card. The average customer picks up many prescriptions over the course of a few years so one card user has the potential to generate hundreds of dollars every year!

Of course, this varies depending on the person. Some people use it many times per month, others don't use it much.

Plus, you can make money on anybody you refer who refers others.

But it gets better... In addition we will also pay you $0.20 per use for people you refer to our program. Let's say you sign up your friend, Charlie, to the affiliate program. Charlie then begins giving away free prescription discount cards just like you are. You will receive an extra $0.20 per use from anybody that Charlie gets to use our card!

Other Important Information

  • Payout Date: Payouts are made only after you achieve a minimum of 50 uses in a 1 month period. You will be compensated for all previous commissions in this first payment.
  • Cookies: The sale goes to the FIRST referrer, and the cookies last 365 days. That means if you send someone to the site today, and they buy 364 days from now, you still get the commission!

To see if you qualify, please fill out the form below. We will review your answers and get back to you within 72 hours.