RxGo FAQ's

Other cards claim to offer savings but almost none provide the cost savings we do. In addition while most other cards sell your information for a profit, we respect your personal privacy and will never sell, rent, or distribute any personally identifiable information about you.

YES - For many Generic medications using our card instead of insurance may provide an even greater discount. In addition if your insurance does not cover certain drugs (ex - cosmetic drugs, brand names, prenatal vitamins, etc) then this card may save you money! Also, if your insurance requires you to pay a deductible on your brand name drugs before covering them, then this card may be of benefit to you!

This card only provides discounts for prescription drugs prescribed to you by a doctor. It does not cover over-the-counter drugs and medications like Zyrtec, Claritin, Tylenol, etc.

NO - The Pharmacy Savings Card alone does not cost you anything

The discount range varies depending on whether you are purchasing brand name or generic drugs and which brand name and generic medications you are buying. Your savings are similar to that of many prescription drug plans. The average savings range between 10-80% off retail prices.

NO - Everyone qualifies and there are no health restrictions.

Yes! All members of your family can use our card to receive discounts.

The first time you go to a new pharmacy they will need to add your information into their computer systems. If you lose your old card simply print up a new one and give it to the pharmacist.

The pharmacy savings card is valid at nearly all pharmacies in the United States, and most pharmacies in Puerto Rico and Guam. If you want to play it safe please pick up your prescription at a major chain such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, etc. All major chains accept our card.

We don't sell, rent, or share consumer information with 3rd parties. Many other card companies sell the consumer's information as an additional revenue source.

It's very simple. Just print out the card at https://rxgo.com/print/ and show it to your pharmacist at time of payment to get a discount on your eligible medication.

Almost every pharmacy in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam will accept the RxGo. This includes major chains like Walmart, Albertsons, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Publix.

Just print out a new one at https://rxgo.com/print/. If this happens - or if you change pharmacies - all you have to do is show your pharmacist the new card, and they'll add your information to the system.

The card is absolutely 100% free. The only thing you pay for is your medication, after the discount from the Card.

Anyone and everyone - there are no health restrictions or limitations for eligibility. Your entire family can make use of the Card's discounts; just print one out for each family member.

On average, a RxGo user can save between 10 to 80% off of the regular, retail price of the medication needed. The discount will vary depending on what type and brand of drug (generic or brand-name) you are purchasing.

Simply present your card to the pharmacist. He will input the cards information into his systems and you will receive an instant discount.

The RxGo provides discounts for prescription drugs only. That means that common over-the-counter medications (like Advil, for example) are NOT eligible for discounts with the Card.

There are three reasons why you could use your Card in place of insurance:

  1. For some generic medications, the amount of money you'll save by using the Card would actually be greater than if you use your medical insurance.
  2. If your insurance company makes you pay a deductible on your medications, you could use the Card in place of spending the deductible money.
  3. The Card oftentimes covers prescriptions for medications - like cosmetic drugs, prenatal vitamins, weight-loss drugs or anti-smoking remedies - that are not usually covered by insurance.

You can feel safe with us. Unlike a lot of other discount card organizations, we never share or sell your information to third-party companies. Your personal privacy will always be honored by the RxGo.